DESIGN AND ILLUSTRATION based in Berlin. Specialized in detailed

illustrations and infographics-IN handdrawn and vector style.

Clients: WDR, Mazda, Iconmobile, Thalia, Warner Music, Redaktion und Alltag, Mercedes Benz,

Amnesty International, Die Ärzte, Kircherburkhardt, Strichpunkt, Tageswoche, Morr Music


Kreuzberg in the year 2041

Arvato customer magazine


BASF "Creating chemistry" infographics

Lofts & trucks

Pen city

Vattenfall energy advisor

Bayerische Staatsforsten corporate magazine

"PAY" magazine, illustrated facts page

"360" Smartcard for teenagers/ Vorarlberg, Austria

Stadtwerke Bochum customer magazine

"Aktion Mensch" magazine

Mercedes Benz Predictive User Experience UI Map

Website "The Pink Caves" - Morr Music

Stadtwerke Herne - corporate magazine

Konvent der leitenden Krankenhauschirurgen Website

100 years First World War

Scheufelen paper Heaven 42 game

"Sportsfriends" game graphics

Sourcefabric promotional brochure

Exhibition poster

APG Reader/Scholz & Friends Strategy Group

Morr Music

Amnesty International Social Media guide

Thalia X textunes mobile comic

lecture and workshop in Austria

Iconmobile Website graphics

History of reading/Thalia

Eon - corporate magazine


die ärzte-clip for "M&F" single

Superdesk workflow cycle

Fairplanet redesign / +49179 7666 355


"Let's go out and buy a statistically average meal from a large multinational restaurant chain. That usually fixes about seventy-five percent of life's problems."

Douglas Coupland